We interrupt this lovely Bank Holiday Monday with important news! I am urging you to get to Penneys. Fast. They’ve done it again. Last time I told you to ‘Legit to Penneys’… You did! This is like that time! 

Everytime I go to Penneys when I’m stoney broke I am certain to find treasure. This time, said treasure is a beautiful jewel toned jacket. It’s velvety soft, a flattering cut and ticks all the Autumn/Winter ’16 boxes. 

 I popped into Penneys just to mooch about. This jacket caught my eye instantly. I tried it on over my clothes and Keith immediately said ‘Oh you have to get that!’

The finishing touches on this jacket make it feel luxurious. I got home and instantly starting planning today’s OOTD around it. 
 Yes I pulled out everything I own this colour. Everything! I’m loving it. At twenty five euro it was a steal. You can see me ramble and awkwardly model the jacket on my Facebook page here. I will also more than likely flood my Instagram with photos of it. I’ll be pairing this with grey or blush tones, two of my all time favourite colours. Have you seen this jacket? 

❤️ Siobhan.