I was a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw. She’s the ultimate girl-crush. I often dreamed that I’d someday meet her hairdresser and they could do for my curly mess what they did with SJP’s hair. At the start I saw SJP as separate to Carrie (style wise) but I’m not sure they were so different after the TV show wrapped. In honour of the 16th anniversary of Sex and the city, I’ve picked my favourite Carrie looks. I’m going to list my top five then just include the other eleven looks.

(Purists don’t hate me a few movie looks made it in here…actually not sorry, I loved the movies too!)

No.1: My favourite

20140608-111248-40368113.jpgI loved everything about this look, the Dior clutch can’t be seen in the pic but it too was heavenly.

No.2: Fancy Paris look

20140608-111656-40616336.jpgLove this, the tulle skirt and fitted bodice, the hand muff (only Carrie could rock a 16th Century hand muff)

Look 3: The ‘don’t let me buy any shoes’ Floral dress

20140608-120910-43750525.jpgThis floral dress is ah-mazing. I love it.

Look 4: Dior dress

20140608-121103-43863273.jpgI realise this is the movie, when Carrie wore the dress for the second time. I think the the first time Carrie wore it, she oozed sex appeal. This is a far more polished look. The dress is fabulous.

Look 5: A little Oscar de la Renta

20140608-121924-44364356.jpgJust WOW!

Here are some of my other favourites in no particular order.