OKAY SO STOP THE PRESS! I’m listing my second Summer Essential as some Sunglasses. Ground breaking I know but hear me out y’all. 

I love Sunglasses! My favourite pair are my Chanel’s. I’ve had a pair stolen from my handbag, about two years ago, from the boot of Keith’s car while we spent a night at a carnival in Skerries… But hey they were nice criminals… They left my handbag! My recent trip to Croatia had me going to dinner with my glasses on, but then the sun went down and you know what …I didn’t have my case in my tiny clutch! {Summer Essential #1} so I have my favourite glasses and they’re perched on my head. Not the wisest of moves! The solution to this conunderum is simple…pick up a less expensive pair of glasses for… Cocktail nights, the beach, festivals, the park and eh perching on your head.

Step up Dunnes Stores!

{I couldn’t find the glasses online but they’re in stores and lots of them too at the very expensive cost of three euro!}

These little Celinesque beauties couldn’t be resisted.  

These gi-normous glasses for when I want to cover my entire face! In an attempt to stay awake on Saturday night for the Mc Gregor fight I shared a Singapore Noodles with Keith, I was limp and wanted to die exactly five hours later. I’ve never been so sick in my whole life. Without fail Food poisoning is the closest pain to childbirth. I’m not even joking the convulsions in the gut are exactly the same! Anyway there’s a beautiful thought for Wednesday! Eh Yeah! Have a great day!

❤️ Siobhan.