So a little catch up post, I’ve quite a few products that I’m using at the moment, but none that I’m ready to talk about yet…{Read here I’ve been a lazy biatch and haven’t taken any photos!} 

This is the last week of holidays and we’re milking every moment! Tom starts Montessori next week and it’s exciting/nerve wrecking fur us. 

ONE: A little nomination on a very long list! 

So I’m so excited to have made the Long list here in two categories… Its surreal to see the name of my blog in print! I wasn’t able to attend the 2014 Blog Awards… I sent the two crazies in my stead. This year I’m going y’all! 

TWO: Finished my EDTs. 

I’m amazed at how far my driving has come in the last few weeks. It’s not something I ever thought I’d love… But that has certainly changed. I’m excited to apply for my driving test. There’s probably a whole post here and I will write it… Soon! 

THREE: Penneys uniform!  

 Stripes and waterfall waistcoats are my jam lately. Who doesn’t love stripes…go on… I dare you! 

 These Penneys jeans are my favourite lately.  

 Loving this lip colour ~ coming up next week! I’m weening myself off Snapchat… As I’m missing too much on Instagram! Come say hey if you’re around those parts! I love it and I’m grateful to those who make my day in ‘liking’ my photos! Thank you! 

Anyone got any tips for passing their Driving test? 

❤️ Siobhan.