I’d be lying if I said another jewelry shop didn’t get the blood pumping. Why do I love jewelry so much? I really don’t know! But I do. I just like looking at it… Eh who am I kidding, my heart weeps when I’ve to walk away and leave them in the shop! Sometimes I’m weak. But these days being weak in H&M, New Look, Penneys or the latest magpie haven Parfois isn’t too bad! That’s what I’m telling myself. I know I’m not alone by the way! (Yes, I’m looking at you)

This week I popped into Parfois, just with this post in mind. If I were being a boldy here’s what I’d have picked up….

20140708-112007-40807543.jpgUp first, my ultimate kryptonite: Turquoise!

20140708-112103-40863501.jpgNext up the Midi-ring… Actually don’t think it is a midi-ring think it’s just for kids! Only joking I’ve chubby fingers. It’s for people with more lean fingers (*winks) I’d wear it as a midiring though – was on sale too (*tear)

20140708-112432-41072109.jpgA gunmetal statement knot… Fab!

20140708-112513-41113366.jpgCutest blue and white clutch.

20140708-112548-41148006.jpgIf I hadn’t got an airport bag, I’d have to nab this. Love it! Have your eyeballs been stalking the shelves of Parfois?

❤️ Siobhan