Okay, I know I’m a handbag fanatic! I have no idea how it happened. I can’t remember my first bag. I remember the drawstring lace pouch I had for my Holy Communion. It was stunning I have put my hands up and admitted that I love the ‘What’s in my bag?’ Videos on YouTube. They’re addictive, pretty bags (surprisingly no one films a WIMB tag with an ugly bag…SHOCKER!) The thoughts of filming myself curls my toes…(never! Going to happen) Here’s what I’m currently lugging around. I change my bag at least once a week… Maybe twice if I’m going out.

20140511-202729.jpgThis all fits into this little Marc By Marc Jacobs number.

20140511-202829.jpgThe little MBMJ pouch holds my first aid stuff (plasters,painkillers,sanitiser, hair clips etc), my Chanel wallet was a gift from Santa, I love it, and my keys.

20140511-203129.jpgMy change purse, hand creams and lipglosses that float! I have saved you from the other scaldy stuff that finds it’s way around my bag…wrappers, chewing gum, change and pens! What’s in your purse, what one thing could you not leave home without?

❤️ Siobhan