Last Friday it was exactly five months to the big C! I think there is two reactions to a statement like that…
1. You kidding me!…
2. I love it (Santa emoji)

I love Christmas, always have. Every year of my adult life, I’ve received a handbag as a gift. I love handbags. I mean I really love them. I dream about them. I’m really good at looking after them, and even clearing them out. I’ll take the rubbish, receipts, tissues, kinder egg toys, soother covers out every week. Honestly…I’ve even lint rolled the inside of my handbags…Still do…so sad! Today I’m sharing (drooling over) some of my favourites from the next season!

20140729-131349-47629909.jpg Eh it’s grey ✔️…it’s tiny✔️it’s stunning✔️

20140729-131452-47692181.jpgThe Gucci brand has taken a step forward in my humble opinion with this little guy. I love the style and the colours I’ve seem are beautiful!

20140729-131601-47761764.jpgThis brushed leather Nightingale is so pretty.

20140729-131656-47816572.jpgAh Chloe, an oldie but a goodie.

20140729-131736-47856245.jpgI’m not major fan (usually) of Jimmy Choo bags, this little structured number is fabulous though.

20140729-131907-47947617.jpgWhat can I say… (No words!)

20140729-131949-47989689.jpgI think the Bayswater in this colour will have another moment!

Do you like bags? What bag makes it to the top if your list?

❤️ Siobhan