I’m not sure if it’s my recent Christmas gifts of gold jewellery and bag with gold hardware but I’m really loving ‘Black and Gold’ at the moment. I’m not usually a lover of black although I greatly respect it’s elegance and simplicity. I love the colour that Spring and Summer bring with them and yet Winter and her dark nights make me feel so cozy. Here are the Black and Gold things I’m really loving this week:

20140107-190411.jpgThese little beauties were my Kris Kindle from my sis-in-law. I love the simple watch and these Alex and Ani bracelets are amazing.

20140107-190651.jpg This was my Christmas present from Santa. I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, the quality is amazing and while it’s not cheap Brown Thomas sometimes do 20% off (smiley face) This bag has an awesome secret pocket in the flap

20140107-201746.jpg This little guy has been in my fridge a while (I keep all my polish in the fridge) I love it when I’ve put some tan on.

20140109-220332.jpg This really is the end of the Christmas goodies. These Golden wonders were unreal!

20140110-163728.jpg An early birthday gift voucher, Thanks Mairin

What are you loving this week?

❤️ Siobhan