I had a great week. I had a horrific feeling on Monday that the week would drag but it’s been productive … and my leaving certs are nearly finished the write up to the field-study! JOY! I’m so happy it’s the weekend too. There’s two easy breezy days ahead with no time pressure and no set plan. My week in pictures:

20140403-142143.jpg The Swans were a beautiful sight last Sunday in St. Stephen’s green. So elegant and serene.

20140403-142344.jpg These little guys are tasty but the price nearly made my eyes bleed… Shame on you M&S!

20140403-142533.jpgThis purse is my new miniature favourite!

20140403-142717.jpgThis classic came out to play…

20140403-142819.jpg These nachos are so teenchy and yummy.

20140403-143012.jpg An armparty of favourites!


20140403-212534.jpg Thursday evening fun at the beach with my guys! Have a phenomenal weekend, if you can, get to the beach!

❤️ Siobhan