My fingers can’t believe it’s Friday again! I’m typing this post on my iPhone and I’m a little shocked the Easter Holidays are coming to an end. This week has been so nice, the weather in Wexford was ah-mazing which always shows Wexford in her best light (I’ve decided that Wexford is a girl) Easter was great and the chocolate that came with it, is just never-ending. Why is chocolate not one of those foods that when you eat too much…you never want to see it again?

20140424-234353.jpgThe cute Lindt bunnies yum!

20140424-234440.jpgA cute non-edible bunny.

20140424-234545.jpgKeith got me my favourite Easter egg, this pretty bracelet.

20140424-234732.jpgI thought my Dad’s house would be chocolate safe… NO


20140424-235020.jpgSuch pretty interiors at Barker’s in Wexford.

20140424-235142.jpgThere was a lot of playground fun this week.

20140424-235317.jpgI know it wouldn’t be my favourites if I didn’t sneak in a nail varnish pick. Still loving the coverage and longevity of the Barry M… But recommend a good base coat with them! Have a marvelous weekend.

❤️ Siobhan