It’s been a tough week. I’ve been trying to shift a head cold but as yet to no avail. I know…enough whining, teaching for the academic year is finished. With a little supervision and a smidgen of exam correcting it’s another year over. Summer holidays are almost here, just hoping the weather gets the memo!

20140522-215629-78989265.jpgLook at her, it was delicious!

20140522-215716-79036882.jpgChanel’s new collection is to die for…

20140522-215756-79076584.jpgAh Starbucks how I love your happy hour.

20140522-215847-79127146.jpgLove this…

20140522-215916-79156607.jpgHot pink nails will be my go-to this Summer.

20140522-220100-79260946.jpgEh leaving the house for a few hours with a teeny bag, pack standard FOUR lip glosses. Have an awesome weekend!

❤️ Siobhan