{#2.1… You like what I did there? My second year of FoF! I thought I’d keep it going this year, It’s a post I really enjoy, hope you do too…}

Hello Weekend!

The week went so fast, it was hard to go back to work. My theory is the better your Christmas, the harder it was to go back to work. Honestly leaving Tom is the toughest part of the week, but his little face when we got home from each day was amazing.

So it was a week of little excitement, no more chocolate for breakfast;

The average breakfast over the holidays was chocolates with a side of biscuits. Reducing you diet back from the 5K+ calories is hard and can definitely give you the cranks.

My very last festive background! This nail combo is a go-to for me.

I painted my nails with the Rosehip then put every gold ring I own on my hand. Jokes!

Then on Wednesday I went back to the old reliable.

What a sad week for the families of those murdered in Paris, and those poor families in Athy. Heartbreaking stuff. Have a restful weekend my lovelies! Be safe!

❤️ Siobhan.