Accept everything about yourself ~ I mean everything, you are you that is the beginning and the end ~ No apologies, no regrets” ~ Henry A. Kissinger 

So Kissinger giving me an out on being a lazy ass blogger this week. It was a short and hectic week. The BHW was fantastic, we took Tom to see The Avengers, he loved it as did I.

Keith and I saw Unfriended, it wasn’t great. I can and do recommend Far from the Madding Crowd, what a stunning movie. I loved it.  

I have barely taken these Stella & Dot necklaces off. You only need to check out my Instagram to see these are a firm favourite… Side note; I’m nearly at 1000 followers…

 All the prawns… All of them! {The cake was Keith’s}

This one was mine!    Last food picture… I promise! Look at it though.

 I’m almost finished my Parisian Education. Love it!

 I found this lil tube in ‘the stash’… I’m loving it. My skin is loving it!

 This is the per-fect Summer red!

 The rain brought a little magic with it this week. Have a fab weekend, my nephew takes Communion tomorrow and The G Hotel is Sunday’s destination to celebrate the #ITWBN’s First Birthday… Can’t wait to catch up with the gang! Are you going?

❤️ Siobhan