This weeks big news; I’ve finished Sons of Anarchy, it was bittersweet! {It’s taken us over a month to finish it and only because I didn’t want it to end…}

What a TV show… Have you watched it? You really should. Super week!

 Tom had a great time in Wexford, we’re planning another week down there ASAP.

Would it be Friday without some pretty flowers?  

A little refreshment after some serious sand castle building.

   The perfect Matt Red lipstick* from Seventeen.

Loving getting the sun on my face. The weather has finally made it feel like Summer.

 I am loving Snapchat this week! These are some of my Favourites.

 A little research for the blog.

 A great day spent on Skerries Beach! Have an awesome weekend.

❤️ Siobhan.