Hmmm so I’ve been a little MIA… because I’m now officially hooked on Snapchat. It’s brilliant! My user name is Daisy13179, come join the party!

This Favourites post is coming at ya from the beautiful country of Croatia, we’re here for three nights and the place is so picturesque. I spent some time in Croatia about thirteen years ago… Note to self: Don’t stay in the Golden Tulip in Zagreb! It was reminiscent of The Shining and I imagined the tricycle at every turn. Hotel Croatia on the other hand is heavenly. I’m so excited to see what’s on offer for breakfast!

My OOTW {Outfit Of The Wedding} is lilac and blush toned and I’m so exited to wear it. Thanks to my best pal, Emer, for this creation.  Tom loved the new Sealion enclosure at Dublin Zoo. He and his cousin Amelia had a ball of a time. 

My favourite Snapchats, another shot from the Zoo, No 7 sent me some awesome goodies for review, the obligatory passport/boarding card photo… I’m so boring! Oh and an invite to the Terminator Premiere in The Savoy on Monday night… When I say invite…read… Keith won tickets and I squealed like a pig when he told me. 
Nothing helps a 4.30am alarm and early flight like a trip to Jo Malone and sharing a Kit Kat!   
The view at lunch helped me forget the tiredness.

The coffees in Cavtat are outstanding.

 The Pizzas are even better…I’m off to get in full scale Wedding Prep…Have a phenomenal weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.