Remember five minutes ago it was Friday… Yeah me too! 

I read on the Mail App… The stunning news editorial that it is… That the majority of shops are currently filming their Christmas Ads! Great news! {Apologies if that just made you roll your eyes, but I love Christmas, like Miss Havisham loves Christmas} My favourites this week look like this…

 These are two of my all-time favourite glosses. Chanel all-day everyday! 

 Has anyone tried chocolate covered Oreos? Eh don’t…save yourselves! I posted a photo on Instagram, of the Milka Oreo bar… There’s still half a bar in the fridge, everytime I open the fridge it winks at me.

 I have started to spray the Wood Sage & Sea Salt first, then Peony on top! Smells completely different.

 I had a great time at the Alex & Ani event and its revived my love for stalking on the bangles.

 If you haven’t tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie with an Americano in Mc Donald’s… Do it!

 Karen, from Lovelygirliebits, has teamed up with Temple Street and La. Roche Posay! I’m a huge fan of the LRP brand. It’s all I use on Tom’s skin and hair. LRP will donate 1€ for every selfie uploaded to their website! Karen’s video goes through the finer details HERE! {click it right now} It’s such a great cause…

 My dainty Capricorn necklace from one of my all time favourites A Box For My Treasure! Absolutely no one does dainty like Judith! The new collection is so pretty…

 Have you tried these? So refreshing for hotter days. Have a fab weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.