Hola from the Sunny South East… I’m lying to you… It lashed rain ALL day yesterday. We’re in Wexford this week,  Life is much slower here… There’s no WIFI which feels like a curse, but with the phone put away for most of the evening there’s more time for the important things.

My trip to Boots for one thing resulted in some Favourite discoveries… Rimmel Sun Shimmer tan mousse, I’m looking at you.

 It was back to Summer scarves and light weight jackets for me this week.

How pretty is this Blue Vase?

Is it just me or has Stellar become much cooler. As it rained all day yesterday I bought Heat, Closer and Look. These magazines now seem so dated in comparison.

  The combination of these scents isn’t remotely getting dull for me! Hooked!

 My favourite Starbucks drink at the moment, Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It’s four shots of Espresso, four pumps of white chocolate and ice.

 My love…read addiction…. to Snapchat (my handle is daisy13179) is growing. I love the chatty snaps – although I sound and look like a serial killer in mine. Oh and can we just appreciate the three euro sunglasses from Dunnes, I blogged about them here! Have a lovely weekend! I’m off to beach to make a sandcastle, wet my toes and devour all the Lemon Sole in Saltees. I’ll be updating Instagram, here, all weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.