Beauty conundrum #1: you buy a beauty product, let’s say it’s Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick, you love it…use it daily! It seems like it’s days from the bin and all of a sudden you make that tiny bit last weeks… Months! Anyone else do this?

I hope you’ve had a good week, it’s been crazy cold here and I’ve nearly caved and put my shoes back on. Let’s hope the bank holiday brings a little sunshine!  This week was full of cinema trips, watching ‘Suits‘, game playing, playgrounds and Starbucks…Oh and ice-cream!

The Storm in a teacup in Skerries.  

I pretty much eat the toppings and then I get fed up!

Ironically I picked this polish out, photographed it, put it somewhere, then couldn’t find it and went with Chanel April… Which chips after a millisecond…

Yes it’s a whore of a polish!

I’m still loving the Arch Angel.

This Rimmel Good to Glow absolutely lived up to the hype! A friend, Dee, you might remember I did her make-up for her Wedding in Croatia. She very generously gave me an ASOS voucher… Hmmm she knows me well! I said I’d save it for a little while! YEAH RIGHT! It was spent before she got back to her house!

Delighted with my picks! Have an awesome Bank Holiday Weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.