I honestly don’t know where to begin this weeks post. It’s been busy, exciting, exhausting but probably one of my favourites of the Summer! I had a lot of cinema time, I saw three movies! Had a fab mid-week date with Keith, drank in the time with Tom, so conscious that work is around the corner and we go back to work mode. I love being a teacher, but spending three months off with Tom, is time that is magical and priceless. I was ridiculously excited to see that Laura Whitmore shared my photo on her Instagram account, I mean, it’s crazy. I’m a huge fan of hers.  

A little mini haul of essentials. These concealers are fantastic! I gave them a whole post to themselves – right here.  

 One of my favourites purses, I love the cobalt blue colour! 
Our lunch on Wednesday was yummy.  
A little Iced White Mocha is my favourite Starbucks order.   
My favourite bag… Yeah it’s probably is… Chanel WOC!  
Celebrating 80 years of No.7 looking after skin! I love the No.7 Gel shine polishes!  

Some new goodies to try! Have a great weekend, let’s hope the weather remains warm. 

❤️ Siobhan.