Thank Crunchie it’s Friday! What a week, it’s been so hard. I was really sick over last weekend, then the antibiotics the doctor prescribed were so hard to take. I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I got a new phone today. I’ve been using the iPhone 5s for two years and I’m delighted with my upgrade. My phone library wasn’t jammed with photos to choose from this week. Here’s what I’ve picked out…  

 The last of the cold drinks at Starbucks.  

 I didn’t Snapchat, this week mainly because I felt so sick. This perfume is a firm favourite.  

 A Dior Liogloss, it’s so pretty and the colour is so wearable!  

 Oh honestly don’t know why I’ve bothered to try any other makeup base! This Chanel is my skin’s favourite.  

 Christmas decorations… Sorry… Not Sorry!  

 My new friend, I went with the gold! It’s classic, it’s three hours old and already it’s a favourite. My last favourite is a blogger. This will be a new feature with my favourites post.  

 Sharon is a Snapchat favourite of mine and I love her blog Behind Green Eyes…is fantastic! It’s everything I want to read in a blog! Awesome nail posts, book reviews {she reads an incredible amount of books} Sharon is an all round lovely person. You should check out her blog! Happy Weekend! 

❤️ Siobhan.