Quickest week of my life… Anyone else feel like that? It’s such a boring cliché, but wasn’t it Friday… Five minutes ago! Slow down October. 

Obviously that sounds like I’m not ridiculously happy that it’s the weekend again. I am! It’s going to be a busy one. The week was great. Tom had a great week at school. He’s talking to and playing with girls now! (I thought this was hilarious) I finalised my outfit for the Blog Awards taking inspiration from my post on Monday. I had a productive week in work. I had a masterclass with Chanel on Wednesday, you can catch up here! It was brilliant! Tonight we’re off to ‘da dogs’ with work. I’ll be snaphappy no doubt… (Daisy13179) and as always posting right here on Instagram! My photos this week are random at best…(smiley monkey face) 

This photo sums up my colour palette this week…These are some of my favourites. 

This bag is over five years old…the leather has worn in so well, it gets lots of compliments when I use it!  

This mask is a good one!  

Alex & Ani tweeted me during the week, they loved my stack! We’re now best mates… Just like I knew we’d be *coughs.  

Just look at them… 

In between using my wallets and bags – I rebox and pack them away. Isn’t Chanel packaging beautiful? It’s easily my favourite. 

My favourite Snaps this week. The My Name Necklace, is engraved with the Roman numerals for the month we named and seen Tom for the first time, got married and all round one of the best months of my life… Only coming second to the day I held Tom (I say held because I didn’t get to hold him until the day after he was born)  

Some blogger mail from No.7, can’t wait to try the Airbrush Foundation. Have a lovely weekend! 

❤️ Siobhan.