Happy Mid-term/ Bank Holiday weekend! What a week! We went to The Blog Awards last night, it was a great time! The food and drinks were yum! It’s hard to explain how it felt seeing my blog up on the stage, people who I’ve never met telling me they love my blog, talking to me about Tom… Awesome.  

 I finalised my outfit with my favourites, leather, Tulle and Chanel. 

 Loving this Penneys, sleeveless cardigan, it’s still in stock and so comfy.  

 We had a great time at the Dogs… I snapped it… (Daisy13179

 Pretty flowers of the week! 

 Next week, I am planning some leisurely coffee dates with my favourites.  

 Some of my favourites from last night… I have to get around to putting a few more photos here on Instagram… 

 Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, texts, snaps and messages I am so lucky and I just want to say again that I really appreciate it. Becca from The Beauty Inbox  is an incredible blogger and my favourite for the week. 

 ❤️ Siobhan.