Hello Friday my old friend…

The award for the fastest week in the history of life goes to this week! Last weekend was a whirlwind of family time. I was invited to the Beauty Brunch I blogged about it right here! I finally met TBI…The Beauty Inbox, she’s lovely and exactly how I expected her to be having read her blog for well over a year! We took Tom to see the Christmas decorations, just like me he loves them! Toms highlight of the week was discovering they’ve put Home Alone on Netflix. It is without exception my favourite Christmas movie of all time.  

 The amazing Christmas decorations at the Pavillions… 
 Starbucks red cups… Always a favourite!  I blogged about Charlotte Tilbury’s Christmas Book of Magic right here…When I saw it in the flesh, it’s every bit as impressive. 

 Kate Spades collection in BT2 is ‘Delightful’… 

 I posted this photo on my Instagram here, and everyone agrees that Santa should make a similar one in his workshop for me… The voice of Instagram has spoken!  

 Pretty marble tables, coffee and chocolate pastry… Hello blogger life! (Side note: If you put butter on a Pain au chocolat.. Let me know… I thought that was gas) 

 The random snap from the M50, if you follow me on snapchat (Daisy13179) you’ll recognise this! Great week, have a great weekend… Have you any nice plans? 

❤️ Siobhan.