Happy Friday… It’s not just any Friday, it’s Toy Show Friday. I can admit that I wasn’t a huge fan before I had Tom. But I know the last two years shows off by heart! Tom loves it. I’m so excited for his reaction to tonight’s show. The rumour mill says the theme is Beauty and the Beast… The weeks are getting faster and faster and all ready I’ve started my exam prep. I’ve also been thinking about Blogmas! I haven’t made my mind up to do it. Last year I loved the challenge but I found myself enjoying the process less at the end. What are your thoughts?  

 The Bridie Brunch was a lot of fun on Saturday. I got to meet some of my favourite Snapchatters {daisy13179}. 

 As much as I love wearing colourful clothes, it seems that when I go to an event, I just wear Black.  

 My brother kindly picked this up on his flight for me. I will have a post up on Monday about the contents. 

 This weeks Snaps and some of my favourite moments.  

 A quick selfie coming back from the shop on Thursday. This grey cardigan from Penneys is my favourite at the moment.  

 Our Christmas tree looks amazing and as a massive fan of Christmas trees in general I couldn’t be happier it’s up.  

 Two of my favourite things… Jo Malone and ripped jeans. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Toy Show… Will you be watching? 

❤️ Siobhan.