Christmas is officially here! It’severywhere, there are so many Christmas trees up and they have been since last week! I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t blogged as much as normal. But I did make the decision not to Blogmas. This is my first post of December. I did Blogmas last year and you can hit the category on the sidebar for my festive posts. The week was non-stop! I was at the Littlewoods #Gotthelove event on Tuesday, they were so generous to us. I had a trip with the Student Council to see The Hunger Games on Thursday. Tonight we mixed the Christmas pudding… When I say ‘we’ I mean I watched and mixed! I’m settling in for the weekend, I’ve on awful sore throat…  

I had the pleasure of spending Sunday with my best buddy in The Westbury for Tara’s masterclass. You can catch up here! 

I am a huge fan of Chanel Vendetta, but it is a bi-atch for chipping! Essie put some serious manners on it this week!  

My amazing Christmas gifts from Littlewoods! I picked this fur stole, cause you know I’m a fiend for them! 

I spent Wednesday evening putting this beauty together.  

I love my time in the library at school on Friday. It’s a relaxing space and the smell of books is class! 

Are you following me here in Instagram! I upload a photo every day, come say hello! Have a great weekend, if you’re watching a Christmas movie… Let me know in the comments which one? 

❤️ Siobhan.