What a crazy fast week…(I’m sure I’ve written that 22 times!) but seriously an entire second week off school…Mental. It was a great week, lots of playtime, relaxing, coffees and fresh air. I honestly can’t relate activities to days as I’m ashamed to say that the days blend together in the Summer months but it’s the truth. As I write this post I’ve Sex and the City playing in the background. I don’t have to watch it I’ve seen it a gazillion times (don’t ya love the coffee shop scenes when the four girls are sitting chatting and eh…I love New York) Here’s how my week looks in photos…

20140612-222629-80789395.jpg*No filter…look at Dublin in the Sun!

20140612-222720-80840818.jpgThe week had a few fancy lattes!

20140612-222808-80888882.jpgA few coffees at home.

20140612-222843-80923814.jpgBrowsing the holy grail of budget shopping… Tiger store.

20140612-222944-80984911.jpgAfter a year I was united with NYX butter glosses… Oh and yeah… More coffee!

20140612-223051-81051330.jpgThe cutest glasses from Penneys.

20140612-223154-81114604.jpgI had an epic window shopping experience in New Look…yup buying it all! I wish! Have a fantastic weekend. The sun is set to shine so enjoy it…but Be Sun Safe!

❤️ Siobhan

PS : What would my FoF be without a silly nail picture