What a great week, it kicked off with an epic BBQ/birthday party on Sunday… I’m still dreaming about the amazeballs burgers! It’s been a great week for playing with Tom. We’ve hit the cap-gun stage. I love the smell of the spent caps… Com’on I’m not on my own. I had my regular truckload of coffees and coconut chocolates…it is Summer. I picked up the prize for the giveaway in Louis Vuitton. They wrapped it so well. The girls in the LV boutique in Brown Thomas are so nice. Can you believe it’s July, I can’t. Have a super weekend. I’ve whittled it down to a few photos this week…

20140703-204716-74836108.jpgthe burgers were washed down by pink bubbles!

20140703-204759-74879794.jpgthis little beauty followed… Cadburys glorious layer cake.

20140703-204850-74930146.jpgGigantic ice-cream cups with flakes and gummy bears… Hmmm…wondering where the photo is… Blogger FAIL!

20140703-205008-75008389.jpgCap guns RULE!

20140703-205041-75041519.jpgmy new favourite shade!

20140703-205108-75068335.jpgFull post coming on these next Monday! They’re fabulous!

❤️ Siobhan