Oh Mr. Sun…Sun…Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!

This is the song of the week…what a week, we could be in sunny Italy (I’ve eaten enough ice-cream) This week had some epic 99s and gorgeous walks on the beach. We had a great week and a few milestones for Tom. Probably heading to Wexford next week, but I’ve some nice posts lined up! A few shots from the week…

20140717-221522-80122304.jpgBeautiful upholstery in Powerscourt hotel.

20140717-221555-80155534.jpgPretty pink bottles in Avoca.

20140717-221626-80186234.jpgStill loving my slashed jeans.

20140717-221653-80213790.jpgI have re-hauled the Cocoa Brown, I’m loving this on my legs.

20140717-221743-80263503.jpgI solemnly swear never to mention Essie watermelon again.

20140717-221836-80316217.jpgI got around to taking a photo of this, the day before I had an epic Ice-cream cup with fudge, sprinkles, malteasers, raspberry syrup… Yeah didn’t even think of a camera until I got brain freeze from eating it so quickly.

20140717-222021-80421835.jpgBeautiful roses from my Mam’s garden.

Enjoy your weekend, here’s hoping the Sunshine continues…

❤️ Siobhan