Hello Friday! What a great week. We went to Wexford for a few days. The Sunny South East did not disappoint! It’s crazy how the days melt into each other, that trying to recollect a certain day is hard. Here’s a little snapshot of my week.

20140725-155118-57078378.jpgLove this! (C/O Amelia_liana)
20140725-155150-57110758.jpgMy very last quote, just thought this was class.

20140725-155259-57179967.jpgLook at these pancakes…(drools)

20140725-155358-57238644.jpgLayering necklaces… Turquoise love!

20140725-155520-57320250.jpgThis nail combo didn’t leave my nails this week.

20140725-155558-57358853.jpgFive go to products for my face and in-car application…

20140725-155705-57425000.jpgA Crunchie Munchie ice cream! (The Saltee Chipper).

20140725-155741-57461188.jpgPaddling in Kilmore yesterday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

❤️ Siobhan