It’s been a great week. In Wexford, with Mairin, last Friday it came up that we’d only four weeks left! It’s now three! Funny as the return to school draws closer we start to appreciate the weeks a little more. We’ve only three weeks left, anyone who doesn’t teach for a living would read that and hate us! Sorry! Here’s a round up of my week in photos…

20140731-214843-78523182.jpgMy best pal Emer, made me my new favourite Kimono. You can see it on here

20140731-215028-78628423.jpgCute Coffee stop.

20140731-215059-78659541.jpgAn impromptu BBQ last Saturday night.

20140731-215130-78690711.jpgAlways be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid!

20140731-215216-78736727.jpgOh yeah another coffee… SHOCKER!

20140731-215253-78773951.jpgToo much Toblerone, can you say “muffin top”

20140731-215420-78860070.jpgBumble and Bumble, where have you been all my life?

20140731-215520-78920423.jpgPretty thank you cards.

Have a fabulous B.H. weekend!

❤️ Siobhan