Life update; Day 23 in the Lenten campaign of no Coke Zero! I am still zero craic! Roll on Easter Sunday. Although some cathecists would say that Lent ends on Palm Sunday. So maybe I will just go with those marvelous scholars… (Cheeky face!) who am I kiddin… I couldn’t give up!  

Oh we made it to Aungier Danger HQ, picked up some donuts and were the envy of everyone in the coffee shop as we munched them. 

The Red Velvet is so pretty and yummy. 

I finally dropped my LV Speedy in to be monogrammed. I love it and have been boring everyone on Instagram, here, to tears with photos of it.  

This concealer is amazing. I love it and if you want to know why… I Blogged about it here! 

 A few shots from Snapchat!   The Chanel Medallion bag, I love it! It’s such an awesome bag. It’s still in great condition, probably because I treat it like a newborn. Seven years on it looks amazing (cost per wear = FREE). Have a fab Mother’s Day weekend! Tell me you plans in the comments? 
❤️ Siobhan.