“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” ~ Dalai Lama.

This week has flown by. Being on holidays from work and not having to leave Tom is something I cherish. I think as a teacher, we all cherish our holidays, but as a mother having time with your child/children it doesn’t get better than that. I realise how lucky I have it. We went to see Zootropolous last Sunday. It is fantastic. We are heading to Batman Vs Superman tomorrow.  

We stopped by Aungier Danger for some treats after we picked up Tom’s passport. 

 A little breakfast date with my guys.  I blogged about the Les Beige makeup, here, and I do love it! But I made a discovery on Wednesday. This foundation does not work with a brush for me. When I want heavier coverage I always use this F20 brush from Blank Canvas. It’s a great brush. But this makeup suits my skin so much better applied with my fingers.  

 Look at these cute mini bottles, perfect for flowers or fancy entertaining.  An incredibly generous gift after the event in House of Fraser on Wednesday. {Catch-up here}  

A Fancy sparkling water, as much as I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing I have an iron will when I need to…Easter Sunday (and copious amounts of Coke Zero) is just around the corner. Have a wonderful Easter weekend! I will as always be updating Instagram, here!

❤️ Siobhan.