The thought for this week was…I miss Paris! That said…there was one thing I missed more than Paris, that was Tom. It’s hard on all three of us, when we get to spend our holidays together, it is hard to adjust to missing each other again. The week went fast though!  

 I revisited our trip all week, flicking through photos and I love this one. Even in the rain we had a ball. 

 These champagne truffles are so delicious and they’re pink!  

I posted  about these Essie polishes on Instagram, here! 

I filmed a “What’s in my bag? tag on snapchat (Daisy13179) I loved it.  

 I’ve been using this cleanser Botanics Hyration burst dual action cleanser. I’m loving it. 

 My Friday face is on, have a great weekend. I’m planning a lot of family time and chilling with Tom. 

❤️ Siobhan.