I have been a little MIA for a number of reasons, mainly because I’ve moved house! I literally haven’t stopped all week… It looked like this… Work-pack-sleep repeat! But I’m delighted to report that while it’s been a crazy busy two weeks, this weekend will see the last of our belongings settled in! The biggest thing to be moved was my clothes, I’m a little embarrassed at how many hangers were transported, far too many! (This has the monkey shame emoji all over it) The weekend is exciting as my niece Isabelle will make her communion. I will be on snapchat (daisy13179) and Instagram, updating.

A break from coffee, to enjoy a hot chocolate, I had to #BasicBitch the shit out of this stunning marble table! 

I love Soar by Mac, it is without fail my favourite go to lip liner!

My sister in law returned from the USA with this beauty!

I am a big fan of Rimmel nail polish! I happily rate their regular polish and have done here! But this is the last time you’ll see me buy the super gel version. It’s terrible… I didn’t make it into the third day without chips!

I carried my LV Speedy all weekend! It’s such a great ‘throw the kitchen sink in’ bag!

The incredibly gorgeous Bomber! Look at him…
A little peek from Snapchat! Love the evening light in my new house! Have a fabulous weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.