I have written over a hundred ‘Favourites on Friday’ posts and I start them honestly and am always very truthful in the type of week I’ve had. 

This post will be no different! I suppose it’s easy for me to be honest in real life. I’m a private person, this might seem a little unrealistic given I’ve written a blog for the last two years. But when you’re having a tough time personally it’s hard not to be, somewhat, open about it online. I’ve had an eventful few weeks with moving, my health and being busy on work. It shook me! This week I had an appointment in St. James’ Breast clinic and I’m happy to report that although I still have a little infection and might need a little surgery, my worst fears were just that… fears! I think dealing with the stress of the last few weeks has thought me a lot… Maybe I’ll get around to a post on my experience (let me know if you’re interested). My week…

I used my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as a handbag for the first time ever! It is so big, but I liked it. 

 I am loving Chokers at the moment! I blogged about them here, the trend is still going strong

 I attended the My Shining Armour Bando party, their agendas are amazing. 
 I finally tried the Delish Melish confections, they didn’t disappoint. 
 (Photo source; ASOS)Looking forward to finally saying Goodbye to shoes and Hello cute Summer sandels. 

 Always my favourite lip combo… Mac Soar and Chanel Wild Rose.

 Pretty Dublin in the Sunshine, follow my crazy adventures on Snapchat (Daisy13179) I promise to limit the Puppy snaps! 

 Looking forward to the weekend, hope you have a good one! 

❤️ Siobhan.