Ah where do I start, the week is a blur of late mornings, late nights and a lot of laziness in general, an entire day of ironing (while I binged on Pretty Little Liars ~ the ironing basket has never been as empty) The month of June went so fast, I want to slow the Summer right down. This month is a busy one with events and our trip to London. Have you any plans for July? 

 Still loving my Cinema Lightbox

 The weekly Snapchat story covered everything from Kilmore Quay to stewing Rhubarb. (My user is daisy13179)

 A rediscovery this week, I’m a big fan of Sally Hanson, still dying to try Vita Liberata Body Blur! 

 I brought out my Chanel Wallet on Chain,  last weekend. Such a great little evening bag. 

 Pretty flowers. 

 Have a fantastic weekend! 

❤️ Siobhan.