The country is about to go Beyoncé cray cray! Queen Bee herself is set the rock Croke Park this weekend. I appreciate her talent and beauty but I wouldnt be a huge fan. I saw Beyoncé in the Point/O2/Three arena…eye roll…while the gig was good it was very short. My Saturday night will be spent staying up late for UFC 200. I can’t believe Lesnar is back… 

Keith and I had lunch in Nandos on Tuesday, I know people love or hate Nandos. I love it. 

 We also went to see The Legend of Tarzan. I’ve been a massive Alexander Skarsgård fan since True Blood.

We revived a bee during the week with a little sugar water. Tom had a great time watching him.

 A little snippet of my Snapchat this week. 

 My favourite salad ever. I think I will blog about this, would you want to read it? 

 This little man is getting so big, but look at his cutie pie face. Have a great weekend… 

❤️ Siobhan.