I have mentioned before that while Friday marks the start of the weekend for most as a teacher the Fridays in August can be quite knell like as they draw the holidays to a close. I realise this sounds spoiled having enjoyed the last nine weeks off work and furthermore I still have three weeks left. But starting the month of August has been a reminder that real life is just around the corner. With this in mind, Keith and I are conscious to make the most of our last weeks at home full time with Tom.

 I was surprised and delighted with the messages I got about my little snapchat video on the Penneys jacket. 

 My favourite snacks are always on repeat. I love olives… all the olives! 

  I posted this photo to Instagram, during the week and had prepared a blogpost on this bag. But it’s no longer in my collection. I popped into my friends in Designer Exchange and they’ve listed and I’m sure sold it since. I will update you soon. 

 If you’re reading my blog a while, you’ll know I love Alex and Ani. blogged about the brand many times. They’re one of my favourite costume jewellery brands. 

 I was delighted to check out their new #ChainStation in Arnotts. You can check out the full range here. 

 I am so excited that tomorrow I am heading to Marissa Carter’s  Masterclass in Dublin. I will be on Snapchat… daisy13179! Have a great weekend. 

❤️ Siobhan.