What an amazing week… I mean it’s Saturday night… Late…and I’m only getting to my Favourites! Keith and I had decided last week that we were going to milk the last two weeks of our Summer holidays. This week was full of slacking off boring old housework. The three of us enjoyed our time together.(I’m so grateful the house work is waiting for me)  We attended the preview of “Don’t Breath” on Tuesday, I was given four tickets and all four of us loved it. I attended the #KindBloggerBoss breakfast in Penneys HQ on Thursday and had a great catch up. We spent today in Belfast, munching Five Guys and mooching about the shops. Next week we have lots planned and as always I will try and Snap (Daisy13179) the best bits.

 The sky during the week was spectacular. I stopped to take it in and then took my phone out.

 We are almost finished Tom’s room for toy storage. These IKEA units are perfect for housing his ten million Imagine XT figures.

 The mixed olive starter in Nandos is everything I want in a starter…

 I finished my first full size Kind Shampoo and Kind Conditioner. These are fantastic and the price point is excellent. 

 Ah we made it to the Primark Snapstory, look at the crazy happy head on me. 

 The obsession with the colour Grey continues. I popped this photo on Instagram from my snapchat. What are your thoughts on Instastories? Let me know? I haven’t invested any time in it… Still deciding how I feel about it. Have a great weekend… Let’s hope McGregor beats Diaz tonight at UFC 202! 

❤️ Siobhan.