So all I hear in my head as I sit to write this post is… WERK WERK WERK! Yes teachers across the country prepare to re-enter the real world. This Summer I have enjoyed my three months like never before. I did say in last week’s post that I wanted to push this week like no other and I did. I met up with friends, saw the movie ‘War Dogs’, had Siobhan Macken do my brows…(Best.Brows.Ever.) and we went to Kildare Village for a little back-to-school shopping for Keith. I was back to the Howth Road for meetings this morning and it felt really productive. Pray for me next week. (Cheeky winky face)  The Callan & Co. Beauty rooms are sumptuous. It’s definitely a five star experience. If I get a chance this week I want to write about it.  I was so at home there Hahahaha I took all my photos when I was left alone.  Ah yes I took so many #BasicBitch photos of my lunches! Prawns are always top of my Favourites list. Our friends, Karl and Dee spoiled us with treats on Friday night! Ah this was so Instagram worthy!  Pretty fresh flowers catching the light!  So I figured something out during the week. I forgot to put some mouse in my hair on Wednesday. But the difference when my hair dried sans product, shows the might of this Shampoo and conditioner. My hair was way less frizzy. This kind shampoo is phenomenal for curly hair.  It will be strange to spend my week now in workwear, wearing a watch… Oh and not having to put a gazillion superhero figures in my handbag! Have a great weekend… Any teachers reading here… We Got This! 

❤️ Siobhán.