Where has the week gone… seriously I need it back!

I am anxious every time I start a favourites post when I haven’t uploaded during the week. I’m obviously lucky in that I’m answerable to myself and no one else…but it does upset me when I don’t get my posts finished and published! So the last few days I’ve given some serious thought into my blogging and why my usual thrice weekly upload schedule has fallen apart in the last few months. Do I have the same passion for my blog? Absolutely! I love my blog, I couldn’t imagine not writing it. But I did set myself the challenge of attending more events and it’s taken up a lot of time, time I’d have previously spent blogging… but things are gonna change around these parts (Sounds incredibly dramatic doesn’t it?) I’m about to get very creative with my time… watch this space!  A little mid week armcandy! I uploaded this photo to my Instagram, here! This Daniel Wellington watch is still a firm favourite.  Speaking of watches, this Jord Wood Watch* is Eve’ything! You can enter to WIN A VOUCHER HERE! more on that later in the month.  This Chanel Medallion bag was almost on its way to being sold this Summer, I changed my mind and I’m so glad I did! It’s not a trendy bag, but I still love it!  I spent some time with the Mothership at a Shiseido event in Arnotts, we had a ball.  Keith and I saw War On Everyone, I loved it… nearly as much as I loved meeting Alexander Skarsgård!  He was so nice and very funny. Have a super Sunday. 

❤️ Siobhán.