“Everything you can imagine is real” ~ Pablo Picasso

It’s hard for me to write this post, I have always…or at least tried to…keep my professional life separate to my blog. I’ve returned from two weeks away in Rome with work. If you missed my Snapchat stories (Daisy13179) you’ll have missed that Keith surprised me and had sneakily booked flights for the weekend. It definitely made my week easier…knowing they would arrive on Friday. I then missed the deadline to get my favourites post up! I was busy living it up in Roma with my boys. The trip was amazing and I learned so much and as always met some incredibly gifted people. I am hoping that I don’t write and finish this post and then find photos I prefer… if that happens I will post them Instagram, HERE!  The view from my room was incredible. It looked on to the chapel where De La Salle’s relics are kept at the alter… YES… That is his skull!  The ‘English’ speaking part of the group! We had great fun and delicious pizza here… It was without exception the best Pizza I have ever eaten.  There it is in all it’s glory. I also got my hair done in Rome, it was… wait for it… twenty six euro! That was for a colour and a blow dry. But! Not to be distracted from the food and the eating. It was really good.  These messers arrived on the Friday night and we had a fantastic weekend.  This little monkey was very impressed with The Vatican Museum.  I really have no idea how The Last Judgement ended up on my camera roll!  We then visited St. Peter’s Basillica, it is worth the wait…although do pay to skip the line! I adore The Pietá, it is beautiful. I remember the first time I saw it in the early nineties on a school trip. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Another of my favourite spots in Rome, is The Trevi Fountain.   The prettiest candles I’ve ever seen, I lit some for a very special intention on Thursday last. Have you been to Rome? What’s your favourite thing about it? Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Halloween. I have a little man who wants to dress up as a clown… (I know!) 

❤️ Siobhán.