So if I don’t get my act together this post will be Favourites on Sunday and well that just doesn’t have the same ring to me! In fairness I crawled to the weekend. This “virus” that’s going about is a nasty beast! It almost feels flu like in the limbs. On top of that I’ve put up two Christmas trees and welcomed December, like a ten year welcomes an aged aunt who slips them a twenty when she leaves! Is there anything better than December? I don’t think so!  I’m loving my tree this year! It’s my favourite festive symbol!  This cupcake was so pretty I had to photograph it! I didn’t eat it, treats are now out until Christmas!  If you’re following me on Instagram (you should!) I am back posting silly photos (my favourite kind) like this every morning.  I think every Irish person packs their decorations away in, like, biscuit and sweet tins! I love these Starbucks mugs. I collect the Starbucks Christmas mug every year. This one is special.  I know, another photo of the nano (*snore) but I love this bag so so much! Have a great week, it’s set to be another busy one! #21sleeps