Twinkling lights, pretty wrapping bows, cheesy movies, food comas, buying multiple coffees in Starbucks in one day, mince pies for breakfast, chocolate for dinner… Hello Christmas! I love you. I have been quiet, the Christmas prep and partying have pushed me to the max and I’ve really loved every minute. I think this Christmas I’ve made time to meet people and also enjoy quality time at home.  This one was last week, I was so proud of Tom, he read his lines so well.  We tried Bison Bar, I can report back that I’m a big fan. I had these amazing Nachos and I washed them down with copious whiskey cocktails. When made properly, a Whiskey Sour is my all time favourite. It was amazing to drop Tom to school this week. We had some cheeky coffees pre/post drop off! A little pre-Christmas pamper at Callan & Co. I adore that place. Siobhan Macken does my brows and SHE is the best!  This cupcake reminded me of Shrek, Tom is so crazy he doesn’t eat the icing. But he ate the little gingerbread man. A second pit stop in Starbucks in the one day, I posted this photo to Instagram (I will keep it updated over the next week) I have no idea who this JOJO kid is but she has inspired some pretty bows. Have a fantastic Christmas and I will be back next week with a round up 2016! Be safe!