It’s seems we’ve returned to rapid fire work weeks, were you wake up and it’s Friday. Yes this week passed me by. I don’t know what it was. I was inadvertently quiet on Instagram, and although I snapped a little on the the big old yellow ghost… Daisy13179… the time whizzed by. It was productive but I feel I neglected my little site, something I plan on rectifying next week. I have lots to tell you about!  

My Sister in Law, Jane, kindly picked this up in the Airport for me. It’s not for immediate use, it’s for the collection… It’s a real sickness with doctors and everything.  

 I was in with my new friends at Designer Exchange, they buy and sell lots of lovely goodies…more on that next week.  

 The week although very fast was positive and productive… Probably why it went so fast! 

 I love handbags and even when I have zero intention on buying, I could look at and photograph them all day.  

 Look at these beauts, I’m a huge fan of My Shining Armour! Nikki has built her business herself and I met her at a party, before she was ‘famous’ ~ she’s such a nice girl.  

 (Photo source: Aungier Danger Instagram) As a fan of donuts, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen ~ they’ve a pop-up shop in Arnotts for the month of February… Run! They sell out early.  

 Have an a fab weekend my lovelies… 

❤️ Siobhan.