Let’s have an impromptu game of charades! 

One Word ~ Two syllables! 

You’re right… It’s MIDTERM

Yes I have my midterm dance! The key to loving your job as a teacher is ensuring that your free time is spent not thinking about and most importantly not talking about teaching! Being married to a teacher makes this hard, but we share a simple work philosophy ~ when we’re there, we give it 100% but when we leave the gate… It’s not quite Bradley Cooper in The Hangover… But you feel my vibe! So this week was busy there were two awesome events that I got invited to, and couldn’t go to! This is the lot of the blogger with a full-time job! There are two exciting events next week though.  

Thank God for Lent or I’d be camped outside Arnotts this Saturday. 

This Lilywho necklace has been on repeat. It’s old but I’ve fallin’ in love again.  

A colouring competition in work for staff has my inner child jumping.  

A sneak at my very predictable colour palette. This watch is always a favourite! 

A spend of some Boots points, to pick up some favourites. 

I have ogled lots of handbags in my time, but my heart always goes back to Chanel!  

There was a lot of post planning this week. I’m writing once again about My Name Necklace … another accessories site I love!  

Have a wonderful weekend, I will be posting on Instagram (I love instagram) and Facebook, I’ve really neglected Facebook… Have a good one! 

❤️ Siobhan.