Is it just me… or were the polling stations jammed today. I’m hoping there’s a big turn out! Obviously none of my business but I’m passionate about people having their say. The week was fast, I picked up a bug and thankfully it went as quickly as it came.  

 I used my Faux Fur stole gifted to me from Littlewoods at Christmas, it’s a stunning colour and so easy to wear. 

We finished the Midterm in style with some lunch time cocktails at Empire Swords. 

 A refreshing Lemon San Pellegrino, I wanted it so bad, I’m still really struggling being off fizzy drinks. It’s been over two weeks and I’m still craving Coke Zero. 

 Traffic on the M50 had be snapping my wrist again like a crazy woman. I love this Kate Spade watch. 

 A coffee date with my best guy, while waiting for Keith! 

 A few photos from the Camera roll!  

 The salad is not getting old to me. It’s leaves, beetroot, avacado, goats cheese and a little balsamic with olive oil. Yum! Have a fantastic weekend, I’ll be over on Instagram, with daily updates! 

❤️ Siobhan.