Four days to London and we’ve spent the week planning and booking trips, buying Oyster cards and allowing the excitement to build. The leaving cert results came out Wednesday, as usual there was results I’m extremely proud off and one or two that shocked! Here’s a closer look at the week…

IMG_0233.JPGThe #ITWBN meet up in Galway was so much fun!

IMG_0336.JPGThe Goodie bags were sponsored by Mc Sharry Pharmacy, there’s a lot of goodies in there to keep me busy.

IMG_0229.JPGThis sums up the perfect Summer.

IMG_0201.JPGThis week I finally got a photo of my ice-cream before I devoured it!

IMG_0344.JPGOh yeah there it is! The coffee after dinner for Andrew’s 21st Birthday dinner.

IMG_0349.JPGSneaking in the last of the mid-week nights out. Have a nice weekend.

❤️ Siobhan