WOW! What a crazy busy week. I forgot the sick nauseous feeling of tiredness you feel starting back to school after the holidays. On a side note; my timetable is unreal and my new students are lovely. I’m lucky I love my job. My classroom is filled with the smell of new books and there’s the new stationary. Heaven! I just miss Tom and Keith, I know Keith works with me so that sounds silly…but it’s different.

Before I left London last Saturday, I found this…


I loved showing it to Tom.


My new iPhone cover, I’m a sucker for Kate Spade!

IMG_1094.JPGI don’t think I’ve worn the same watch for a week since I began my working life. I haven’t taken it off and I’ve flooded my Instagram with pictures of it! (I apologise)

IMG_1081.JPGI’ve been using this Mac concealer. So far so good.

IMG_1016.JPG{Photo Source: Saibh Egan Photography} My Dreaming in Sequins cards arrived. I love them! Thanks again Saibh

IMG_1096.JPGMy beautiful cousin Rebecca went to her debs and had the most delicious cupcakes at her party. It tasted as good as it looks. This weekend will be savored and we won’t let Tom out of our sight.

Have a great weekend!

❤️ Siobhan