It was so nice to finish at lunch time today. I finish at 12.55pm every Friday, but for some reason today I’m conscious of how lucky I am to finish so early. I had a delicious meal last night in La Bucca for my gorgeous nephew Max’s birthday. He’s four and crazy cute, tomorrow we’ll make pigs of ourselves on cake! Here’s a little snippet of my week…


The Nespresso iced coffee, just doesn’t get tired.


The Celine Trio, my favourite bag at the moment.


I was drawn to all the pearls I own this week.


I’m a sucker for Breton stripes, especially with pearls.


I was so excited for this Space N.K. order to arrive with the amazing goodie bag. I wasn’t able to make the event. Somebody took my phone and used my Wishlist to make the order for me, he is the most thoughtful person I know, my ultimate favourite. Thanks Keith!


Favourite breakfast {coffee and porridge} to finish off the working week. Have a stylish weekend.

❤️ Siobhan